'Hancock's app disappears and Test and Trace failing amid second wave fears'

Fears the UK is heading towards a second Covid-19 spike are not unfounded.

Preventing a new wave of the virus is essential if we want to save lives, protect the economy and avoid a winter crisis in the NHS.

This requires everyone to follow the guidance on social distancing and face coverings.

But there is also a responsibility on the Government to protect the public.

The key to successfully easing the lockdown without risking a second wave is to have a functioning test and trace system.

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We know from South Korea, Germany and Singapore that effective testing is crucial if we want to contain levels of infections.

That way we can get people back to work, children back to school and society back to near normal as soon as possible.

Despite Boris Johnson’s claim to have a world-beating system, NHS Test and Trace is still not fully operational.

Test results take too long and the number of people reached has fallen since launch.

The mobile app promised by Matt Hancock seems to have disappeared completely.

Lives and livelihoods depend on fixing these failures. The Prime Minister should ditch his groundless boasting and focus on delivering a test and trace system that actually works.

Wild at heart

Chris Packham spoke out after the magnificent White-tailed eagle was poisoned, police said


Britain’s rich and varied wildlife is a blessing to our country.

But it is threatened by modern farming, pollution and over-development.

A quarter of the UK’s mammals could disappear if we continue to destroy their habitats.

Every effort should be made to save these species and protect our precious countryside.

Future generations will never forgive us if we rob them of the chance to see these animals in their natural environment.

Pecking order

Orville and Emu ‘held captive’ as Keith Harris and Rod Hull’s widows claim ownership


Talk about spitting feathers…

The widows of Rod Hull and Keith Harris are locked in a battle for the return of Emu and Orville. Sounds like a case for the Flying Squad.


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