Halswell metal recycling business embraces new tech to reduce pollution – Otago Daily Times

A Christchurch family-owned metal recycling business is trying to improve the local environment with a new approach to treating trade waste and reducing storm-water contamination

Metalcorp NZ has taken a two-pronged approach to treating trade waste and reducing storm-water contamination in order to reduce the impact of its operation on its Halswell site.

“(Metalcorp NZ) was unable to find satisfactory solutions in New Zealand, which they felt, would future proof their site, so they turned to the United States where the industry had well established, innovative and effective waste treatment combinations, utilising the latest technology,” said Metalcorp NZ general manager Korina Kirk.

“We were determined to lift our game in terms of waste management and set an industry standard in environmental responsibility,” Kirk says.

“We finally found the answer in the United States, shipping over a high-tech combination to cut ground-level pollution.”

The newly installed Clara Filter removes bulk solids and metals from storm-water run-off on the high-capacity site. while the Aquip industrial system treats particulates and dissolved pollutants.

Christchurch City Council city services general manager David Adamson described the on-site waste treatment system as “excellent”.

“We are very pleased to see that the new treatment train is doing an amazing job, with Clara effectively removing bulk solids and metals and the Aquip system further polishing the effluent,” he said.

“Based on recent council sampling, the new system and controls are having major mitigating effects on metal-related pollution at the Halswell Junction outfall.”


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