Hair loss treatment: A flowering herb oil which stimulates the follicles and promotes hair

Essential oils are distilled from the plant itself. They have the signature scent of the plant they come from and are highly concentrated. In fact, it takes 220 pounds of lavender flowers to make a single pound of lavender oil. Clary sage oil is an essential oil which promotes hair growth and stimulates the scalp.

What is clary sage oil?

Webmed said: “Clary sage is a flowering herb which is native to the Mediterranean Basin.

“The essential oil which is extracted from the leaves and buds of the plant has a clean, refreshing scent which can be used as a skin balm or gently inhaled as part of an aromatherapy treatment.

“Clary sage is easy to grow in high-temperature areas and is usually cultivated for its use as a flavouring in tea.

“The oil has many health benefits including being used as a treatment for eye health, calming anxiety and promoting hair growth.”

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Clary sage oil contains the same linalyl acetate which helps make lavender oil so effective in increasing hair growth.

The oil is known to improve hair strength, hair growth and makes hair less likely to break.

Clary sage oil is also known to help eliminate dandruff and also helps to control the production of the natural oil on the scalp.

Clary sage oil contains naturally high levels of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.


It is also rich in vitamins A, B, C, calcium and potassium which are all essential for the proper development of the hair strands.

The oil of the clary sage plant helps to rid the scalp of a build-up of bacteria and free radicals.

These can all prove to be a hindrance in the process of hair growth

Clary sage oil penetrates the surface of the scalp and delivers the all-important nutrients directly to the hair follicle.

Several hairs may sprout from a single follicle, so providing them with these beneficial building blocks may help the hair to become better, stronger, thicker and more developed overall.

Clary sage oil can be used topically on the scalp to help strengthen hair strands and follicles, prevent hair loss or thinning, and stimulate healthy hair growth overall.

By strengthening the existing hairs, a person can sustain the follicles and strands which are in their resting phase.

This can contribute to the thickness of the shaft and the overall volume of the hair on the head.

The chemical make up clary sage oil can help to reduce the effects of hair loss in both mean and woman of all ages.

How to use it

Mix three drops of clary sage oil with your favourite conditioner, or with one tablespoon of a carrier oil.

If using daily, rinse out after two minutes.

If using it once or twice per week, leave the oil on for ten minutes and rinse out well.

Massing clary sage oil directly onto the scalp is another way to get it the oil into your system.

A scalp massage will get the blood to the flow to that area and promote hair growth.


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