Hacker Demands Full Control Over Kyber in Wake of $47M Breach, Offers Executives Buyout and Staff Severance

Hacker Demands Full Control Over Kyber in Wake of $47M Breach, Offers Executives Buyout and Staff Severance

A cybercriminal, who has been actively communicating with Kyberswap, issued a new onchain directive, this time insisting on “complete executive control over Kyber (the company).” This captivating onchain communication to the Kyberswap crew comes after the hacker’s initial request for the team to engage in more amiable and cooperative discussions.

Kyberswap Attacker Claims ‘Kyber Director’ Title, Demands Absolute Authority

The individual responsible for the Kyberswap security breach has conveyed a desire for absolute authority over Kyber, the company, and temporary control over the Kberdao governance structure. This revelation followed the $47 million breach at Kyberswap, after which the team established communication with the suspected perpetrator. The day prior, the assailant stressed the need for the team to adopt a more approachable stance and indicated plans to propose a new strategy on November 30.

As promised, an announcement was made by the hacker, signaling an interest in a more favorable arrangement than the initial share offered by the Kyberswap team. In essence, the hacker is asserting a claim to complete dominion over Kyber, encompassing all its resources, both onchain and offchain. Additionally, the hacker is requesting comprehensive details about the company’s “protocol formation, structure, operation, revenues, profits, expenses, assets, liabilities, investors, salaries, etc.”

The hacker added:

Once my demands have been met, I will provide the following: Executives. you will be bought out of the company at a fair valuation. You will be wished well in your future endeavors. You haven’t done anything wrong. A small error was made, rounding in the wrong direction, it could have been made by anyone, Simply bad luck.

The hacker elaborated, acknowledging that under their stewardship, it’s foreseeable that some Kyber staff may choose to depart. In response, the perpetrator is offering a generous 12-month severance package to those opting to leave, “no questions asked.” The hacker asserted that this proposal was the “best” and “only offer” available. They further stressed that any contact from “agents from any of the 206 sovereignties” would immediately nullify the deal. Concluding the message, the individual signed off as “Kyber Director.”

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