Guardian’s Allowance rate: How much is Guardian’s Allowance?

Guardian’s Allowance is payable to those who qualify for Child Benefit for a child who they are bringing up because his or her parents have died. It is a fixed amount paid on top of Child Benefit. reveals the Guardian’s Allowance rate for 2020.

If you are the new guardian of a child whose parents have died, you might be able to claim Guardian’s Allowance.

You don’t have to claim Child Benefit to claim Guardian’s Allowance, but you do need to be eligible for Child Benefit to get Guardian’s Allowance.

You are normally eligible for Child Benefit if you are responsible for a child under 16, or 20 if they stay in approved education or training, and you live in the UK.

This means you live with them or pay at least the same amount as Child Benefit towards looking after them.

You cannot claim Guardian’s Allowance after adopting a child, but you may qualify if you claimed before the adoption.

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There are two Child Benefit rates, one for the eldest or only child and another for additional children.

For your first or only child, you get £21.05 weekly, which is £84.20 a month.

If you have additional children on top of this, you get an extra £13.95 per week per child.

The money is normally paid every four weeks on a Monday or Tuesday.

If you had no children before you became the guardian of this child, you could get up to £155.88 a month to look after them.

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How to claim Guardian’s Allowance

You should claim Guardian’s Allowance as soon as the child comes to live with you.

Download the claims form here, fill it out and send it to the Guardian’s Allowance Unit.

You’ll need to enclose the child’s original birth certificate and the parents’ original death certificates.

Alternatively, ring the Guardian’s Allowance Unit on 0300 200 3101 between 8.30am and 4pm Monday to Friday and ask them to send you a form.



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