Gratitude is Beatitude

Neal Donald Walsch says, ‘Gratitude is an attitude that changes everything. So, I tell people that if you really want to use gratitude powerfully, use it even before, not just after, any particular event.’ When we practise gratitude in happy times, we create a sacred vibration that can sustain in difficult moments.

If we’re truly resilient, we may even find blessings embedded in our misfortunes because nothing in life happens without a reason. Thankfulness to life’s all kinds of circumstances, good or bad, hones our purusharth and gives us a sense of blissful contentment, which is the key to a beatific existence. We usually give thanks for things when they’ve already happened. So, in asense, we’ve been hypnotised and conditioned into believing that we need a reason for joy, that we need a reason for gratitude.

The cliche that ‘Duniya mein kitna gham hai/ Mera gham kitna kam hai’ — There’s excessive sorrow in the world, mine is too little in comparison, widens our horizons and makes us accept the bricks and bouquets with equanimity. We realise that we’re comfortably placed and not much misfortune has befallen us. This very satisfaction sans gloating over others’ misfortunes makes us human beings.

‘Har haal mein ada kar Khuda ka/ Tu apni nematon ko gin, naakamiyon ko bhool ja’ — Be thankful to the Cosmos in all situations/ Count your blessings and discount your losses. Gratitude is life’s mantra to forge ahead with no grievances. Nurture it for a fulfilling future and a happy present.


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