Grab Apple’s iPhone SE (128GB) with 5GB data for just £23/month right now – T3

Earlier this year, Apple answered the prayers of everyone who thinks the iPhone XR and 11s are too big, which, in many ways, they are. The iPhone SE has the same body as the iPhone 8, complete with home button, but with new, powerful internals. Right now, you can grab an SE with 5GB data on EE for one of the best prices we’ve seen.

Due to its compact size, the iPhone SE is probably the best phone for most people. The 4.7-inch display isn’t as big and impressive as the all-display iPhone 11, but it does get the job done and retains the same crisp quality from the iPhone 8. Inside is where things get interesting: Apple has included its A13 chip, the same one as the iPhone 11, meaning this is as up to date as can be.



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