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To improve the transport sector and enhance economic growth, the UK government has revealed a £1.3 million initiative aimed at driving innovation in transportation

The Transport Research and Innovation Grant (TRIG), managed by Connected Places Catapult, has opened its latest round of funding, offering organisations and academics the opportunity to secure up to £45,000 to advance projects.

What is the TRIG scheme?

The TRIG scheme is dedicated to supporting new ideas in their developing stages, with the main goal of improving transportation nationwide while strengthening the UK job market. This initiative forms a critical part of the government’s strategy to stimulate economic expansion through targeted investments.

This year’s competition introduces a new category dedicated to addressing transportation challenges specific to Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland. By focusing on these regions, the government aims to promote a more equitable and interconnected transport network across the entire UK.

Environmentally sustainable transport systems

One key area of focus is local transport decarbonisation, encouraging innovative solutions that accelerate the transition towards environmentally sustainable local transport systems.

Winning proposals must show a keen understanding of local needs and exhibit potential for scalability nationwide.

The competition aims to drive advancements in maritime decarbonisation, with an emphasis on reducing greenhouse gas emissions within the UK’s maritime sector to support the country’s journey towards achieving net-zero emissions.

Merging AI and cutting-edge technology

Another key aspect of this year’s TRIG competition is the spotlight on critical and emerging technologies. Proposals using cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) or emerging innovations such as drones are highly encouraged, with the ultimate aim of creating a more resilient and efficient transport ecosystem.

The competition’s open call category invites broader solutions that have the potential to address significant transport challenges across the entire UK network, using various technological areas and challenges.

Transport Minister Anthony Browne expressed optimism about the competition’s potential impact, highlighting previous successful projects funded by TRIG. These include initiatives such as a shuttle bus app-improving connectivity in rural communities, expanded 5G coverage for sea travel, AI-driven insights to enhance local transport, and trials of hydrogen-powered travel options.

By investing in ideas and supporting the brightest minds in academia and industry, the UK aims to position itself at the forefront of transportation innovation while promoting economic growth and job creation nationwide. Interested parties are encouraged to submit their proposals and be part of this transformative journey towards a more connected, sustainable transport landscape.

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