'Government adopting Mirror and Muamba's defibrillator call will save lives'

Footballer Fabrice Muamba knows what he is talking about when he backs our defibrillators campaign.

The former Bolton star collapsed nine years ago during an FA Cup tie against Spurs. As with Denmark’s Christian Eriksen on Saturday, immediate medical treatment saved his life.

Now a coach, he speaks from a position of personal authority. The Mirror highly values his support for our campaign to get life-saving defibrillators installed in schools, sports clubs, designated shops and other public buildings.

If the Government adopts the campaign, as it did with our drive to change the law on organ donations, families across the land will be spared the heartache of losing loved ones.

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Defibrillators are far more common in many of Britain’s European neighbours, where people are also, crucially, taught to use them.

So how about it, Prime Minister?

Corrupt force

When an independent panel concludes the Metropolitan Police suffered “institutional corruption” while investigating an axe murder, apologies are not enough.

The panel’s criticisms over the botched investigation into private investigator Daniel Morgan’s murder even touched the force’s Commissioner, Dame Cressida Dick.

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The country’s biggest and most important police force must prove it has changed.

Because the mishandling and blocking of probes into the 1987 murder, plus complaints the panel’s own inquiry was hampered, undermine public confidence and faith in justice.

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We commend Daniel Morgan’s brother, Alastair, for the 34-year struggle for justice he should never have needed to fight.

Jo’s wisdom

The assassination five years ago of Labour MP Jo Cox by a Nazi far-right terrorist was a truly appalling crime.

And today, in an era of rage where social media is a battleground, her conciliatory message is more important than ever: more unites us than divide us.



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