Gordon Murray#39;s T.50 supercar gets futuristic aerodynamics with a rear-mounted fan

Aerodynamics forms an integral part of the structure of a supercar. Seeing how the car can potentially fly off the ground if things aren’t done right, decades of research has been done in this field to reduce drag without compromising on traction.

Now all this research has made cars faster and more stable, but British design firm — Gordon Murray Automotive — has brought us the future of aerodynamics. The new Gordon Murray T.50 will be the company’s first production car and its main feature will be a 400 mm fan sitting on the rear bumper.

The fan sits right between the aerofoils and the high mounted exhausts and looks more akin to a sci-fi jet thruster than what its real purpose is. As mentioned before, the fan’s direct function will be to speed up the air passing from under the car and channel it through active elements in the car’s rear diffuser. The air inlets at the bottom are also vertical so no debris is pushed into the fan’s blades.

The fan itself, which was first introduced in the Brabham BT46B Formula 1 car, is an active element that works alongside two active spoilers on either side allowing for six different aero modes. The default mode is ‘auto’ and, no surprises, here lets the car’s brain control everything about the aerodynamics required depending on speed and driver input.


Then there is braking mode, which is not really selectable, but activates every time you step on the brakes. This causes the spoiler to activate, increasing downforce twice the normal as well as acting as air brakes.

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Then you have four driver selectable modes. There is ‘high downforce mode’ for track days and a ‘streamline mode’ for cruising on the highways. In streamline mode, drag is claimed to be reduced by 10 percent and the fan operates at its top speed creating a ‘virtual longtail’ at the rear.

Then there is ‘vmax mode’ which, alongside all the aero trickery, bumps up the power by 30 hp by using the 48 volt start-generator. And finally, just so you can show off, you also get ‘test mode’, which activates all of the aero functions while standing still.

The full unveiling of the car is expected to take place in May 2020, with deliveries set to begin in January 2022. As for pricing, expect a two million pound tag for a limited number of 100 cars.Are you happy with your current monthly income? Do you know you can double it without working extra hours or asking for a raise? Rahul Shah, one of the India’s leading expert on wealth building, has created a strategy which makes it possible… in just a short few years. You can know his secrets in his FREE video series airing between 12th to 17th December. You can reserve your free seat here.



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