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Google has its all-in-one AI platform named Gemini. Gemini’s models are powering some of the most powerful AI tools on the internet. However, before there was Gemini, there was the PaLM API. This was a free-to-use API that developers could use to develop custom chatbots. Well, Google is shutting down the PaLM API. Adding insult to injury, the alternative that Google offered costs money.

This news comes shortly after we got rumors of Google eventually charging for search AI features. If this is true, then users will have to pay a monthly fee in order to access certain search AI tools. We believe that the SGE (Search Generative Experience) will be part of this. This is the feature that artificially generates answers to questions that you type into Google.

Google is shutting down the PaLM API

It’s always unfortunate seeing previously free products eventually gain a price tag. However, this is something that we should expect with AI tools. Right now, companies are still trying to figure out how to properly monetize AI content. For example, according to the rumors, Samsung is planning on charging for access to some Galaxy AI features in the future. So, we should rightfully expect Google to start charging for certain AI functions in the future.

The PaLM API was a free tool that people could use to create custom chatbots. Well, Google just sent out an email telling its users that it will be shutting down access to the PaLM API through Android Studio on August 15th. This gives people just about four months of access before they have to move to a different API.

However, Google is not leaving these developers without an alternative. The alternative that the company proposed was using Gemini Pro 1.0. Fortunately, you can use the same keys you used for the PaLM API to access Gemini through Google AI SDKs. The only issue is that using Gemini Pro 1.0 is not free.

The lowest plan costs $7/month, and that’s for 1 million input tokens. If you also want to have 1 million output tokens, this will cost you $21/month. Fortunately, Google will not use the responses to train its AI models.

One thing to know is that users will be able to access Palm and Gemini if they’re paying for Vertex AI.

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Apr 19, 2024


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