Google for Startups UK head reveals her and the tech giant’s dream for the program – Yahoo Finance UK

Google for Startups by tech giant Google (GOOG) is its key way for developing new talent and companies. After being set up in 2011, it now has over 50 co-working spaces and has accelerators in 125 countries.

But questions surround why the near $1 trillion company is boosting new businesses when there is no obligation to acquire them in the end.

Google for Startups UK head Marta Krupinska sat down with Yahoo Finance UK for its premium show Global Change Agents with Lianna Brinded unveiled what her plan, and Google’s dreams, are for these startups.

Marta Krupinska, Head of Google for Startups UK (R) speaks to Lianna Brinded on Yahoo Finance UK. Photo: Yahoo Finance UK

One of the things Krupinska is hoping for is that these startups get the recognition and platform to build products that change the world.

“i will tell you what my big dream is… that dream is that a year from now the Economist or Harvard Business Review writes an article in which they say that companies that are founded by diverse founders and are building products that are socially beneficial as well as commercially viable are better businesses that are bringing better financial results and are more attractive to invest in and support,” she said.

Check out the full interview for Krupinska discussing her top tips on new businesses to gain funding as well as navigating challenges for female founders.

Global Change Agents with Lianna Brinded explores the stories of some of the most inspirational women across business, tech, and academia. Catch up on all the latest episodes here.


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