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Google Fi for iOS brings Privacy Screen that lets you protect your confidential data with Touch or Face ID.

Google Fi for iOS adds Privacy Screen

Google Fi for iOS lets you manage your Fi accounts and plans on your iPhone. The company has added a new feature to this app called Privacy Screen, which promises to help improve your data privacy.

The feature has already been rolled out, and you should see it in the latest Google Fi app version on your iPhone.

Google Fi Brings a Privacy Screen to Help Protect Data

In the latest Google Fi version, the company has introduced a feature called Privacy Screen. The aim of this feature is to protect your personal data within the Fi app. You can use this feature to hide your voicemails and other sensitive data behind a Touch or Face ID wall.

Google Fi for iPhone’s latest changelog describes this feature as:

Launched an optional new feature to keep your voicemails and other sensitive information safe from prying eyes—with Privacy Screen, you can require Face ID or Touch ID to open the Fi app

This will basically help you keep unauthorized users out of reach of your voicemails.

How Google Fi’s Privacy Screen Can Help You

Earlier, anybody with access to your iPhone could get into Fi’s voicemail section and listen to all your voicemails. With Privacy Screen, a user can now add a protection layer that only lets a user in if they authenticate themselves using Face or Touch ID.

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Google Fi keeps this option optional, which means you can enable or disable it whenever you want.

Other Changes in Google Fi’s Latest Version

Google has made a few other changes as well to Google Fi’s latest version.

One of these changes is that the app has now smoothed the edges on eSIM activation. Another change is that the company has now made it easier for families to start group plans together.

Google Improves Data Privacy in Its Fi App

If you’re subscribed to Google Fi, all your voicemails are accessible from within the Google Fi app on your smartphone. This means anyone with access to your phone can listen to all your voicemails.

With the introduction of Privacy Screen, your voicemails can now be kept private. These voicemails will only become accessible upon Touch or Face ID authentication by the user.

Google Fi isn’t limited to the iPhone. You can use this service on Android as well, and there are many Fi-compatible devices on the market.

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