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The electric car segment is really hotting up, with more new models to choose from than ever before. 

As technology progresses, it’s also unlocking advancements in the batteries, meaning we’re starting to see the electric ranges of some models increase dramatically. These advancements ensure that longer trips in any EV are now easier than ever before. Many can now charge at a rapid rate, too, reducing the amount of time you’ll have to leave your car plugged in.

But what are the electric cars that can go the greatest distance on the market today? Let’s take a look…

Mercedes EQS – 453 miles

The clear leader when it comes to the electric car with the longest range is the Mercedes EQS – the German firm’s new flagship EV. Designed to offer S-Class levels of luxury in the EV segment, the EQS is kitted out with a huge 108kWh battery, which enables a remarkable claimed electric range of 453 miles – more than many of petrol and diesel cars on sale today. 

What’s more, you’d theoretically only need half an hour at a 350kW rapid charger to replenish its battery thanks to its speedy charging times, while its remarkable comfort and refinement means it will be a joyous way to cover long distances.

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BMW iX – 379 miles 

Many car firms are paving the way with new flagship electric cars, and from BMW there is the iX. This striking-looking battery-powered SUV brings superb interior quality combined with a fantastic driving experience that manages to be both sporty and comfortable.

If you want a long electric range, you should seek out the ‘xDrive50’ model, which features a huge 111kWh battery, which enables an electric range of 379 miles – far more than many of its rivals.

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Ford Mustang Mach-E – 379 miles

Joining the BMW iX with a claimed 379-mile electric range is the Ford Mustang Mach-E – the brand’s bold, muscle car-inspired SUV that offers a practical interior and one of the best driving experiences of any car in this class. 

Ford offers a range of powertrain options in the Mach-E – including a sporty GT version – but if you want the model with the longest range, you need to choose the rear-wheel-drive Extended Range car.

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Tesla Model 3 – 374 miles

Without Tesla we’d arguably not be where we are today with electric cars, and its models continue to prove very popular – in fact the Model 3 was the UK’s second best-selling car overall last year. 

It’s easy to see, as it’s good to drive, practical and is actually brimmed with technology and connectivity to make your life that bit easier and more enjoyable. All Model 3s offer more than 300 miles (claimed) from a full charge, but the Long Range is the most impressive – managing 374 miles before its battery is depleted.

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BMW i4 – 365 miles

BMW is ramping up its range of electric cars, and the new i4 is its latest entry. Based on the 3 Series Gran Coupe, this is a stylish EV that offers superb build quality and a fun driving experience. 

Rivalling the Tesla Model 3, BMW’s ‘eDrive40’ version is the model with the longest claimed range, as it can manage up to 365 miles. The i4 is also practical, decent value for money and will be fantastic to live with.

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Volkswagen ID.3 – 338 miles

The ID.3 was the very first model from Volkswagen to use the Group’s dedicated MEB electric car platform, and it quickly excelled with its enjoyable driving experience, generous equipment levels and practicality. 

Volkswagen also offers a range of battery options, depending on your budget, but if you want the most range you need to go for the ‘Tour’ model, which is the only car using the largest 77kWh battery. Offering a claimed electric range of up to 338 miles, it’s by far the most of any hatchback of this type.

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Skoda Enyaq iV – 336 miles

Skoda’s Enyaq iV has quickly proven a big hit for this firm, and it’s already sold well beyond expectations. It’s a practical, versatile and classy-looking SUV that offers decent value for money as well – all traits Skoda is renowned for. 

It actually uses the same platform and powertrain as the Volkswagen ID.3, and should you go for an ‘80’ model, you could see up to a claimed 336 miles from a single charge.

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Polestar 2 – 335 miles

Polestar is a very new addition to the UK automotive scene, but this Volvo-owned marque has quickly made waves. So far, its only mass production model has been the ‘2’ – a stylish, high-riding saloon car that has already tempted many out of their more traditional premium brands.

The Polestar 2 is good to drive, has a stunning tech-laden interior and looks fantastic as well. A range of battery options are available, but the ‘Long Range Single Motor’ is the most impressive where outright range is concerned, managing up to 335 miles from a single charge.

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Tesla Model Y – 331 miles

Another recent entry to the UK electric car market is the Tesla Model Y. It’s essentially the SUV version of the Model 3, and designed to be a more affordable version than the brand’s flagship ‘X’. 

Offering seven-seat practicality, a good driving experience and the same impressive technology that Tesla is renowned for, the Model Y is capable of up to 331 miles on a charge in Long Range form. 

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Kia EV6 – 328 miles

Last but not least is Kia’s superb new EV6. It’s the first in a line of bespoke electric cars to come from the South Korean marque, and excels with its upmarket interior, sharp design and enjoyable driving experience. 

It’s impressively practical too, while 350kW rapid charging capability makes it one of the fastest-charging EVs on the market. Kia says the EV6 can do up to 328 miles from a charge, though you’ll need the 226bhp RWD car to make the most of that.

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