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General Motors has begun to introduce wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay in certain 2021 model year vehicles, with the list undoubtedly set to grow as time goes on. As the name implies, the feature enables a cable-free connection for the Android Auto or Apple CarPlay interfaces. Readers have asked GM Authority if older vehicles with wired Android Auto or Apple CarPlay could be upgraded to achieve the same wireless capability. Unfortunately, the answer appears to be no, even if customers are willing to pay for it.

“Vehicles are either sold with wireless [Android Auto or Apple CarPlay] or don’t have it,” General Motors spokesman Stu Fowle has told us. “We have no formal plan for a paid or unpaid update.”

This does not mean the job can not be done. It simply means that The General does not appear to be interested in doing it. Producers of several aftermarket solutions claim that they can offer wireless Android Auto or Apple CarPlay on GM models which do not have the new cable-free functionality, and we’ll cover those at a later time.

Both the Android and the Apple systems provide a deep connection between the vehicle and the smartphone, allowing the driver to access functions via the infotainment screen. This is as much a matter of safety as of convenience, since it reduces temptation to use the smartphone while operating the car when the driver should be paying attention to the road.

As we reported in January, GM first made wireless capability for this system available in the 2021 Chevrolet Trailblazer, and has since introduced it to several other vehicles, including every model in the 2021 Cadillac range, along with:

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