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When you talk about new traders, they are interested in trading in a variety of new markets as well. Take the example of cryptocurrencies and cannabis stocks that were not a thing just a few years ago. Today, you have many brokers putting them in their own separate categories. Among that chaos that has been created by a huge number of online brokers on the internet, you have GlobalCTB

This broker seems to be doing a great job. However, if you are considering signing up with this broker, you have to know more than just a few sentences of acknowledgement of its great services. So, is this broker really a broker that modern traders can trust? Let’s find out in this GlobalCTB review

The Trading Platform for Modern Lifestyles

When companies create something, they have to keep in mind the lifestyles of their customers. You cannot create skateboards for people who are over the age of 50. And if you are going to create them for this market, you have to add some protection gear and lots of other features that make your skateboards secure and safe. When you talk about modern traders, they are not hooked to their computers all the time. They operate on many devices at the same time, so you have to create a trading platform that fits their lifestyles with ease. 

The trading platform from GlobalCTB is definitely that. Is a web based trading platform that requires no downloads, and thus runs on any device that you can think of. It will run smoothly and without any issues whether you are using an Android phone or an iPhone. 

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The Assets for Today’s Traders

So, you are a trader in 2020 and you want the latest assets to be at your disposal for trading. You cannot rely on stocks all the time. You cannot rely on conventional markets only to provide you with great opportunities to make a lot of money. These markets are already very saturated with institutions and professional traders in them that don’t let you do anything. On the other hand, you have the cryptocurrency market now, which is considered the financial market of the new traders. If you are interested in trading cryptocurrencies, you will love signing up with this broker. 

When you sign up with GlobalCTB, you will love the fact that you have a variety of crypto assets available for trading. You are not stuck with Ethereum and Bitcoin only. You will find Litecoin, Dashcoin, Stellar, Ripple, and many other famous cryptocurrencies for trading with this broker once you sign up. So, you can say that the broker has taken care of the interests of its new traders and provided them with a perfect trading opportunity in the cryptocurrency market. 

Learning for New Traders 

This is yet another area where the brokers have to provide their traders training on trading but in a way that fits their lifestyle. If you are a broker, you cannot send stacks of books in cartons to the trader at his/her house for reading. Perhaps, that did not happen in the past either. However, you can make your traders read books today without making them leave the comfort of their bedroom. So, what happens is that the broker provides all the necessary trading education right on its website. However, if you are a trader, you will get access to this content only when you sign up with a paid account with the broker. 

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Once you have signed up with the broker, you will have access to ebooks and videos. You can learn through the method that you prefer. Ebooks can be read during your leisure time. On the other hand, videos can also be watched at any time you want but they explain things better and faster than ebooks. So, you can make your choice based on your preferences. The broker has made them both available to you for your training. 

Ease of Signup

There was a time in the past when you could not even have thought of trading if you were not rich. This was an activity exclusively for a particular group of people in the community who had a lot of money. However, things have changed completely. You can now trade in any market of your choice even if you are a student right now. However, the only barrier between you and your trading career is the amount of money you will require to start your trading account with an online broker. In many cases, the amount required in the account is so high that traders have to wait for many months before they can have enough money. 

You will not face any of these problems when you sign up with GlobalCTB. This broker has provided you with many different types of accounts – six different accounts to be precise. Every account has been designed with a different trader and his/her preferences in mind. So, if you are a student and on a budget, you can go with the bronze account. You can activate this account by depositing only 500 EUR in your account. If you want to go with other advanced accounts, you will have to deposit more money. The only complain that we have here with the broker is that it has not provided you with any access to any training material when you pick the bronze account for trading. 

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Final Thoughts

Other than the missing regulation and training material from the bronze account, you can say the broker has taken care of things pretty well. A web based trading platform combined with lots of assets available for trading make for an amazing online broker. You also have the phone number of the broker available on the website that you can use to get in touch with the customer support department when you face issues. It is commendable that the broker has implemented KYC and anti-money laundering policies on its platform.



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