GitHub aims to make India the largest market from the third largest

BENGALURU: GitHub, the code-repository service used by many developers, startups and companies worldover, aims to make India the largest market from the third largest at present, said Maneesh Sharma, India head of GitHub.

Sharma, who was appointed India head in February when GitHub opened its first office in the country, is doubling down on working with Indian startups and has built a sales team to target large startups, corporates and financial institutions and in the country.

“Covid has accelerated digital transformation. Startups are helping disrupt the status quo which is getting every company look at how they use digital. Globally we have every large industry using digital. In India, the biggest segment using Github is IT enabled services, internet commerce companies and software product companies,” he said.

India’s software as a service companies are also a potential customer base for Github, he added.

GitHub, which is popular among developers, particularly those who work on open source projects, was acquired by Microsoft in 2018. Since then, the company has stepped up expanding its presence in newer markets such as India, where there are millions of developers, who work for both large and small companies in India as well as globally. GitHub is also looking at engineering students to contribute to the repository.

“We have been participating in global projects and are a great consumer of open source. We need to start thinking about how we can build software that can contribute to global communities as well,” said Sharma. “We are getting offshoots from the startup ecosystem as well who are starting to open source their libraries. There is a lot to do more”,

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GitHub is running meetups with developers, sharing insights on building software products, while encouraging them to participate in hackathons so that they use code from the repository as well as contribute code for the community.

They can start looking at how they can build software on GitHub. Think of it as credits. We will be doubling down on startup ecosystem, said Sharma.



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