Can You Get Varifocal Sunglasses Online?

Can You Get Varifocal Sunglasses Online?

Buying varifocal prescription sunglasses has been made easy nowadays. With so many lurking marketplaces, you can buy sunglasses at any time without stepping out in the sun. Although, it requires a little care and attention while buying varifocal sunglasses since it involves prescription. Varifocal sunglasses have proved to be very helpful to those who wear varifocal glasses. In fact, the varifocal sunglasses have the advantages of both varifocal glasses as well as the protection factor of the sunglasses. They not only save you from the hassle of carrying two different pairs of frames i.e. one prescription and one sunglass, but they also save your hard-earned money. Moreover, these days’ varifocal sunglasses are highly popular as well as affordable.

How to Buy Sunglasses Online with A Varifocal Prescription?

When you buy varifocal prescription sunglasses online always double-check the data and information you are providing to the eyewear manufacturer. Else, a wrong input by you will lead to serious issues in the sunglasses. Therefore, it is important that certain important points must be kept in mind while placing an order online for these glasses, such as :

1. Frames

The frame size should be enough to cover the eyes as well as the skin surrounding the eyes area. This is necessary because the skin around the eyes is very sensitive and prone to skin cancer. Thus, the frame size should be optimum especially if you spend much time outside. In case you are a sportsperson or spend a lot of time driving, fishing etc. then buy sunglasses frames that cover a wider area of the face. 

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2. Uploading of Varifocal prescription

The Prescription details require little understanding and once you know what stands for what, it is a layman’s job to upload the details on the website. Therefore, it is important that the prescription that you provide online is the latest one and not older than 6 months. If you have not got your eyes tested recently, then, first of all, get your eyes tested.  After testing, you will get a prescription with all the details including the right eyes power, left eyes power, Pupillary distance, additional power, cylinder, axis etc. Since varifocal prescription sunglasses combine the comfort of correcting nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and presbyopia, it is necessary that each detail is entered carefully on the manufacturer’s website. If in case, you are unable to understand the prescription you can either call the manufacturer for assistance or check out how to read prescription for glasses to understand your prescription in detail. Besides, to be on a safer side, upload your prescription so that the eyewear provide will craft the perfect lenses for the varifocal sunglasses

Adjusting with Varifocal Prescription Sunglasses 

Adjusting to your new varifocal prescription sunglasses will not be a difficult task for those who are already used to wearing varifocal glasses or have earlier used varifocal sunglasses. It is apparent that someone who has the experience and the habit of varifocal glasses will only opt for varifocal sunglasses. However, if you are new to varifocal prescription sunglasses, then it is going to take some days for you to adjust to these new pairs.  The key is to give 15 to 20 days to let your eyes become acquainted with them. As a cautionary measure, avoid wearing varifocal prescription sunglasses while driving until you are 100% comfortable with these glasses.

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Where to Buy Varifocal Prescription Sunglasses Online?

To buy sunglasses with varifocal prescription online, choose a manufacturer that has expertise in the and quality. Check out Specscart that delivers varifocal sunglasses with 100% accuracy fitted in attractively designed frames.  The Tom Archer brand is one of the highly demanded brands in the UK which is exclusively sold by Specscart at its stores in Bury and Walkden as well as through its website.

These sunglasses provide 99.99% protection against the harmful UV rays as well as the glares. Moreover, the anti-scratch and shock resistance properties increase the life of the sunglasses. Specscart brings a variety of sunglasses in several alluring shapes, sizes, colours, design and patterns. You can also book an appointment for a comprehensive eye test at home or at work.  Apart from this, Specscart produces a pocket-friendly range of eyewear that is easily accessible by everyone.

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