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In a world so full of unavoidable misery, it’s always remarkable when people take it upon themselves to willingly suffer horrible things. For example: While most of us were content to experience the recent Cats movie through a few trailers starring twisted feline mutants and read reviews assuring us that it all turned out as bad as we suspected, a trio of altruistic lunatics have now decided to stare the movie right in its disturbingly human eyes by watching the damn thing on repeat for 24 hours straight.

Stephen Kendall, Emily Lind, and Kristopher Imperati, already having suffered through “multiple” Cats screenings, set up a GoFundMe that looks, per the page description, to “channel their bad choices into something good.” The group are hoping to raise $15,000 for New York City’s Housing Works, which supports and advocates for “people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS.”

The trio will only commit to the ordeal if they can raise the full $15,000. If the funding goal is reached, they’ll live stream the marathon and adhere to a set of rules that includes, most importantly, “[watching] Cats on a loop for 24 hours.” They’ll also force themselves to only “take breaks during the credits,” but will enjoy the minor mental reprieve of being able to talk while the movie is playing and “have friends come by to join them at any time, as long as they are watching Cats.”

If you want to chip in, check out the group’s GoFundMe page. Let it be on all our consciences, though, when the three emerge from their 24 hours covered in glued-on theater carpet, calling themselves Jellicles, and mumbling to themselves about “Rum Tum Tuggers.”

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