‘Get down the pub to win back voters’, Unite leadership candidate Steve Turner tells Labour MPs


leading candidate in the race to run the powerful Unite union has told Labour Party frontbenchers to get down the pub to win back voters.

In an interview with the Standard, Mr Turner said he would “demand” a seat at the table of the Labour Party and called on leader Sir Keir Starmer to listen to “ordinary working people” to rebuild trust.

“I want Keir and the rest of the party to come out with me on my tour,” he said while on a visit to Dagenham.

“I want them to listen to our members, I want them to walk in our communities, I want them to come and meet my mates down the pub.

“I want them to rebuild trust and have an ambitious programme that people can buy into that motivates and inspires them to come home to vote Labour. That’s the task of Keir.”

He said Scotland was the first so-called “red wall” and added: “If you take people for granted, they’ll walk away from you eventually.”

During the interview, Mr Turner also vowed to be the “greenest” union leader ever and said working class communities must not be left behind in the transition to a green economy.

“We can’t desert communities because it’s no longer fashionable to be doing the work that they’re currently doing now, we have to take people with us on this journey to transition our economy,” he added.



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