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With the holiday shopping season quickly approaching, many consumer electronics companies are holding major new product release events this month, as well as special sales on their newest and most popular products. So far this season, Samsung released a stellar collection of new smartphones, smartwatches and earbuds, for example, while other big announcements have come in from Apple, and expected shortly from companies like Microsoft.

To offer consumers the best deals possible on its smartphones, tablets, earbuds, major appliances, TVs and smart home equipment before the holidays, Samsung is poised to kick off its Discover Samsung Sales Event. It’ll run between September 20 and September 26, so get ready to save plenty of cash! You won’t need to wait until Black Friday or Cyber Monday to find great deals on Samsung products this season.

Be on the lookout for daily offers during this week-long event, which will be the strongest singular discounts you’ll find. For example, if you purchase the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G, in addition to special ongoing discounts and trade-in offers, you could add one of Samsung’s latest tablet for $100—that’s probably cheaper than the tax you’ll pay on the phone itself.

Plus, in addition to sales on specific products, Samsung tends to offer extra savings on bundle deals. For example, you may be able to save hundreds of dollars extra if you purchase a Samsung smartphone, smartwatch and earbuds together. If you were to upgrade your kitchen with a new refrigerator, oven, microwave and/or dishwasher, you’d likely save thousands instantly.

Discover Samsung Deal of The Day: What’s Coming Up?

Day one of Samsung’s big sale—slated for September 20—brings us a mouthwatering offer on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, netting you a Galaxy Tab S7 FE for just $100 extra if you buy the company’s newest foldable smartphone. It’s a bit oxymoronic when you think about the fact that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is essentially a phone and tablet all in one. That said, if you don’t need the tablet, it’d make a great gift to stash away for the holidays.

Galaxy Z Fold3 5G 256GB (Unlocked) in Black

Galaxy Tab S7 FE available for $100 with Z Fold 3 purchase, 9/20 only.

What’s more, if you bundle the Z Fold 3 purchase with a Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, Galaxy Buds 2 and a Flip Cover case with S Pen, you can save 23% on the whole family. That’s $550 off at standard prices. While there are no individual Galaxy Z Flip 3 offers, the bundle opportunity extends to those looking for the more traditional clamshell flip phone as well, but with 27% off ($400) instead, the only differing stipulation being that you’ll need to buy the Silicone Cover with Ring.

And to be clear, you can combine these offers with existing trade-in deals that can knock hundreds, maybe even thousands off the cost of the Galaxy Z Fold 3. With the above bundle, you can trade up to four devices toward the whole sale. How much you get toward your purchase is determined by the device you’re trading in and its condition, so be sure to double check your total before checkout.

In his Forbes review of the Galaxy Z Fold 3, Janhoi McGregor mentioned that while the device has been refined into near perfection (or as close as it can be for this infantile form factor), there are still a few annoyances to deal with for a phone this costly. Namely, he called out a stagnant camera system that’s still plenty good for most scenarios, but doesn’t match with the best available. He also wishes the front display were more useful, particularly as it pertains to S Pen support—you can only use that accessory when the device is opened to its larger 7.6-inch display.

Here are all of the other offers you’ll be able to take advantage of during each day of the Discover Samsung sale. Be sure to check back with us for the fine print each day:

Buy More, Save More

If you aren’t shopping the deal of the day, Samsung is also taking an extra 10% off your order when you buy two or more select smartphones or tablets, mobile and wearable gadgets, or TVs and home appliances throughout the sale.

The catch is that the two products have to fall under at least two different categories, so you could pair a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 with a pair of Galaxy Buds 2, for instance, or a new Samsung Bespoke fridge with a Galaxy Tab that can serve up recipes in that new kitchen upgrade you’re planning. Again, these offers don’t stack with the deal of the day, but odds are your total savings will be much greater if you’re after one of those.

How to Save Even More When Shopping at

During the Discover Samsung Sales Event, be on the lookout for extra savings deals specifically for students, teachers, first responders, and government employees through the ongoing Samsung Discount Program, as well as bonus instant savings for eligible trade-ins if you’re purchasing certain new equipment, like a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, tablet, smartwatch or earbuds. 

Additional savings can also be had when you make qualifying purchases online and collect points as part of the ongoing Samsung Rewards program. Once you sign up for free, you will start earning points (and in some cases, bonus points) on your purchases. These points can be redeemed, 15 to 30-days later, for extra savings on new purchases from or the Samsung mobile app.

Combine these deals with online sweepstakes and other sitewide promotions available exclusively on, and all the gadgets and technology upgrades you want for yourself—or to give as gifts this holiday season—will likely be offered at a really sweet discount. This is a sale you don’t want to miss. Free shipping and free returns are being offered from (and the Samsung mobile app), and live Samsung Experts are on-hand to answer your questions as you make purchase decisions.

Stay Informed About the Latest Deals

Throughout the event, new sales and offers will be posted daily. To ensure you stay up to date on all the deals being offered during the Discover Samsung Sales Event, be sure to click here right now.


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