German startups in orbit into expanding small-satellite market – Leaders League

Munich startup Isar Aerospace  begins this week the production of Germany’s first privately built rocket, aimed to be sent into orbit by end of 2021.

With an anticipated boom in small satellites in the near future, Isar Aerospace, founded 2 years ago, has begun production of its 27-meter Spectrum rocket that will deploy satellites at an altitude of between 400km and 1,200km. Their announced goal is to launch at least 20 flights a year.

Supported by investors such as Airbus Ventures and VC firm Earlybird, Isar Aerospace is one of three nascent German rocket manufacturers, along with HyImpulse and Rocket Factory Augsburg, who want to take their share of the growing small-satellite market, estimated to represent about €300m a year for the next 10 years.

By 2027, this market is anticipated to be worth €8b, with an estimated third of that share accounted for by European market.
Governments and militaries, but also telecoms companies and service providers (such as agriculture data providers or support autonomous driving) are slated to be the main clients. Tech giants like Amazon have already invested in small-satellite production as space is set be the next broadband internet environment.

Although rocket startup leaders in the sector are based in the US and supported by government contracts, German startups are being met a growing interest from the authorities in Berlin, who are expected to extend official support to members of their Germany’s nascent small-satellite industry.


Edited by Aude Ghespière.



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