General Motors bets its future on electric cars – The Times

As a young engineer in the 1990s, Ken Morris worked in the same garage as the team developing the EV1, General Motors’ ill-fated electric saloon. “We thought the cars were cool, but it was a moonshot,” he said. “The batteries were just too expensive; they would never be able to compete at a cost level with internal combustion engines.” GM leased just over 1,000 before discontinuing them in 1999.

Fast forward to today and GM is not just tinkering with the electric cars lark, it is betting its entire future on them.

Its chief executive, Mary Barra, announced an accelerated rollout last week that will see the 112-year-old carmaker launch 30 electric models over the next four years, from Cadillacs to pick-up trucks, from saloons


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