General election: Johnson says Tories will cancel planned corporation tax cut to free up £6bn for NHS – live news

It’s time to see Labour open the door to real and lasting partnership with business, not stick with outdated ideologies that would close it in their face.

The challenge is not what Labour wants to achieve, it’s how. Firms share many of the same ambitions, on skills, climate change, delivering high-paid jobs and making sure that the proceeds of growth are felt across the country – but those challenges need a joint response.

Some of Labour’s proposals do open the door to partnership. Greater flexibility on the apprenticeship levy is something firms have long asked for. A step up in all forms of vocational training for school leavers and those switching careers offers opportunities and works for the economy.

Re-skilling the economy to achieve net zero and adapt for increased automation is critical, and apprenticeships can have a big role to play in this.

But false instincts for mass nationalisations and forcing inclusive ownership schemes on to thriving businesses does little more than frighten off investors from backing the UK, with pensioners and savers having to foot the bill.

A high-growth, fair mixed economy is within our grasp, but only if business is welcomed and supported as a provider of opportunity, not falsely portrayed as the root cause of inequality.


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