General election: Corbyn deflects questions on freedom of movement – live news

The Labour leader hits the airwaves, but Prince Andrew’s TV bombshell may dominate the day

Deborah Mattinson, a founding partner of research and strategy consultancy BritainThinks, has written in the Observer that very little seems to be getting through to voters in the election campaign so far.

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“What have you picked up about the election so far?” I asked a focus group of undecided voters last week. Although they had plenty to say about policies, parties and politicians, their confident chatter died away fast. Eye contact was avoided. No one could think of anything that related to the campaign.

A recent poll found a similar lack of engagement. Four thousand voters were asked what “incidents, events, stories etc” they had noticed. The winning score, at 42%, was for “none”. In second place came the 5% mentioning Jacob Rees-Mogg’s Grenfell remarks. Just 2% mentioned “Brexit” and 1% NHS funding.

The shadow home secretary has responded to comments by Michael Gove in the Mail on Sunday. He wrote:

Under EU rules, European nationals arriving here have preferential access to free NHS care whereas other migrants have to wait until they’ve paid into the system and secured settled status, a process which typically takes five years. It’s unfair that people coming from European countries can access free NHS care without paying in while others make significant contributions.

Michael Gove is completely wrong to say people from EU are accessing the NHS without ‘paying in’. 

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EU workers pay taxes.

The NHS is not a contributory system.

This is how it begins – the Tory project to undermine the NHS, by bashing and blaming migrants first.

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