Gemopai Electric drives in mini e-scooter Miso priced at Rs 44,000

NEW DELHI: Gemopai Electric on Friday said it has launched e-scooter Miso, priced at Rs 44,000.

The company – a joint venture between Goreen E-Mobility and Opai Electric – has commenced pre-bookings of the mini scooter with deliveries set to begin from next month, Gemopai Electric said in a statement.

The scooter, which comes with a single seat for the driver, can go up to 75 km on one full charge, it said, adding that the scooter can be charged up to 90 per cent in two hours.

“As we battle crises and balance life and business continuity while staying safe, micro mobility presents one of the safest and resilient way to navigate everyday commuting,” Gemopai Electric Co-Founder Amit Raj Singh said.

Miso is the ultimate solution for customers who require a hassle free ride to their daily needs, he added.

“With the current ongoing safety concerns because of the pandemic, Miso’s single seat helps choose an affordable and safe ride,” Singh said.

The scooter does not require a licence or RTO permit and has a maximum speed of 25 kmph.

The scooter comes with two trims, one with a luggage carrier that holds up to 120 kg load and another with just the seat.


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