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We’re already living in a paranoid cyberpunk dystopia. Sorry, it’s true! Why do you think Keanu Reeves is so popular now? A big reason why is that technology has made it easier than ever to shatter your privacy, in the digital world or the real world, whether it’s by huge faceless corporations or malicious individuals. And the most ironic thing is that technology is also now the best way to protect your data and body that have been made vulnerable by technology in the first place. Oh well.

So if you’re looking to stay safe with an all-in-one security kit powered by today’s most modern amoral tech trends, check out the Abode iota.

The Abode (not Adobe) iota is a multifunctional solution to a bevy of home security needs. Want to keep an eye out for potential intruders? Use the 1080p camera. Can it still monitor for activity the camera doesn’t see? Yes, thanks to the motion sensor. Scare away home invaders with the siren. And of course any suspicious activity is immediately sent back to the user no matter where they are. Footage is stored locally or for free in the cloud. You can even pay for professional on-demand monitoring.

Out of the box the Abode iota has an impressive amount of features. But what really opens up its potential protection abilities is how it seamlessly connects with fellow complementary smart home products through Wi-Fi or more specialized radio waves like Z-Wave and Zigbee. This way nearly any security risk you can think of the iota handles. Lock the doors and shut the garage. Look out for potential fires by measuring the thermostat. It can even check the water. And of course smart assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT are supported.

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For more on the Abode iota check out the extensive review on our sister site PCMag. For more on smart home products check out our thoughts on Amazon’s smart Echo Wall Clock and smart Echo Microwave.

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