GADS responds to community support after Facebook post – WBKO

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) — One local donut shop in Bowling Green had an unexpected response after someone made a Facebook post claiming the donut shop was not getting business in the midst of the coronavirus, alleging racism.

Yong Taing is the owner of the American Donut Shop (GADS), a Bowling Green staple. When asked why its been slower, Taing says, “apparently in the post there was something about asking support, asking for community support show of community support or something and well we got it and everybody came out, the outpouring support and it’s heartwarming.”

The post says GADS was suffering because of fear over the coronavirus and racism.

“To me personally I didn’t think so, I just thought that it’s all happening at the same time, everything, all happening, all the school closings, and the president having to declare a state of emergency and just everything happening at the same time, and then of course with spring break too so we can’t point my finger to which is causing being slower than normal. But I don’t think that had anything to do with racism because we have a big community here and we’ve been here 30 years and every body’s been supporting us.”

After many in Bowling Green saw the post, they responded.

“You needed some customers, you needed support and here we are! Oh well thank you, thank you, I’m happy that everybody came out.”

One customer described how packed it got.

“It was standing room only, the parking lot was so full people were parking across the street and I had to park over by the fence which is unusual.” — Jim Duffer, customer

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“We’re just happy that we’re just the lucky ones I guess that get all the support.” — Yong Taing, owner of GADS



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