Futuristic supercar with huge tyres ‘makes you feel like Batman’… but what does the big red button do inside?

YOU can “feel like Batman” with this incredible, futuristic custom supercar with huge tyres – but watch out for the big red button inside.

The stunning motor, created for the super-rich by a specialist firm in Dubai, was shown off on TikTok by Alex Hirschi of Supercar Blondie.

This real-life Batmobile was custom-built by a firm in Dubai


This real-life Batmobile was custom-built by a firm in DubaiCredit: Tiktok/@supercarblondie
Alex Hirschi took it for a spin


Alex Hirschi took it for a spinCredit: Tiktok/@supercarblondie

Introducing the whopping car to viewers, Alex said: “This is a custom build…it’s huge.

“The tyres alone weigh 500kg.”

While it may look like a tank, the mega motor’s power comes from a supercharged Ford F-350 engine that lays down 700 horsepower, more than enough to push it at a decent clip.

And it sounds more like a rapid-firing canon than a car, with a modified exhaust system giving it some extra punch.

The black-and-orange bodywork is dominated by sharp angles, lifting doors and a massive rear spoiler atop its chunky rubber.

Inside, it is surprisingly luxurious, with leather seats and a large infotainment screen.

However, the central console which acts as a dashboard looks like something you’d see in the cockpit of a jet.

Right in the middle sits a large red button that brings a rocket launch to mind.

And the effect isn’t that much different, as it is responsible for firing up the 6.2-litre V8.

Drivers hack to flick all the switches to activate the various parts of the ignition system in a scene reminiscent of a spaceship before a press of the big red button brings the beast roaring into life.

Perhaps coolest of all, the chunky exhaust pipe sends tongues of flame firing out of it, licking the air behind the vast vehicle, just like the real Batmobile.

Indeed, it was so realistic that Alex dubbed herself “officially Batwoman” in the video’s caption.

Social media commenters were amazed by the creation.

One wrote: “Magnificent isn’t it?”

Another added: “If cars could cosplay.”

And a third joked: “We got the Batmobile before GTA 6.”

Alex didn’t mention how much the car costs, but we can only imagine it was a suitably ridiculous sum.

It comes after police recovered a Ferrari and Range Rover owned by footie stars amid a £27 million collection of stolen cars.

It is started up by a big red button


It is started up by a big red buttonCredit: Tiktok/@supercarblondie
The tyres alone weigh 500kg


The tyres alone weigh 500kgCredit: Tiktok/@supercarblondie
And the exhaust pipe shoots out tongues of flame just like in the films


And the exhaust pipe shoots out tongues of flame just like in the filmsCredit: Tiktok/@supercarblondie