Fully vaccinated travellers from US and Europe WILL be allowed to enter England without quarantining, ministers rule

DOUBLE-JABBED travellers from the US and EU will be allowed to enter England without the need for quarantine, it’s reported.

Ministers are understood to have made the decision in a bid to free up travel from overseas during a crunch meeting today.

Travellers from the US and EU will be allowed to enter England without the need for quarantine if they've been double-jabbed, it's reported


Travellers from the US and EU will be allowed to enter England without the need for quarantine if they’ve been double-jabbed, it’s reported

The Covid operations committee gave the green light to fully-vaccinated visitors this morning, the BBC reports.

The decision is set to be officially revealed this afternoon.

It comes as:

It is not yet known when the change will come in – and whether it will relate just to England, or the whole of the UK.

However, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said talks on travel were taking place between the four nations.

And the news will come as a relief to aviation industry bosses, who have been pushing for the rule to be relaxed.

British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and Heathrow have carried out a 10-day trial to check the vaccination status of passengers.

The companies said 99 per cent of documents were verified correctly during the trial, which involved about 250 fully-vaccinated participants from the US, the Caribbean and Europe, travelling to Heathrow.

Tory MP Sir Roger Gale said of the decision today: “For a travel industry on its knees, this could not be better news.”

Despite that, US citizens are still being urged not to travel to the UK by American’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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Meanwhile, the US border is currently closed to UK travellers.

The UK and US have set up a taskforce to discuss a travel corridor, although earlier this week the White House said it had no plans to lift travel restrictions for non-Americans.

But the PM told LBC on Wednesday: “We’re talking to them the whole time,”


Elsewhere today, Boris Johnson says August 16 is “nailed on” as the end of isolation for fully-vaccinated people who have contact with a positive Covid case.

And he’s set to sign off on opening up international travel for Brits too this afternoon.

It approved, it means that UK residents who are double-jabbed abroad will be able to head home quarantine free at the end of the month as ministers are poised to recognise foreign vaccines.

The big changes to travel mean summer holidays are well and truly back on the table.

Ten countries including Italy, Germany and Canada are poised to be added to the green list next week, allowing quarantine-free travel regardless of vaccination status.

France is likely to be moved from the “amber plus” list, which requires all holidaymakers to quarantine on their return to the UK, to the amber list.

Due to concerns over the beta variant, France was placed in this new category which means quarantine remains mandatory when returning from the country, even if fully vaccinated.

Spain and Greece are likely to stay off the amber plus list next month, despite fears they could be slapped with new measures.



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