Full Moon 2021: What time will the Snow Moon peak? When can you see February's Full Moon?

What time will the Snow Moon peak this week?

The Moon will reach peak illumination at about 8.17am GMT on Saturday, February 27, after it has already set for the day. 

You will have to wait until after 5.45pm when the Moon will rise again in the eastern skies. 

On the east coast of the US this will be 3.17am EST, and stargazers on the west coast will see the peak at 12.17am PST.

Astronomers at the Royal Observatory Greenwich said: “The Moon appears as different shapes in the sky depending on its ‘phase’ from New Moon to Full Moon via ‘waxing’ (growing) and ‘waning’ (shrinking) Moons.”

The phases are all determined by the relative positions of our planet, Moon and the Sun.


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