From April, new cars must have airbag for front passenger seat

(This story originally appeared in on Mar 06, 2021)

New models of all cars will have to provide airbags for the front passenger seat from April 1 while all existing models can be sold after August 31 this year, only after being fitted with this safety gear.

This mandatory provision was notified by the road transport ministry on Tuesday.

“This has been mandated as an important safety feature, and is also based on the suggestions of the Supreme Court Committee on Road Safety,” the ministry said.

TOI had on December 20 first reported on this proposal.

Recently, road transport minister Nitin Gadkari had said safety features such as airbags were being made mandatory across all variants of cars and irrespective of their cost.

Airbags for drivers have been made mandatory in all cars since July 1, 2019. Just one airbag for the driver is inadequate since it leaves the co-passenger in the front seat vulnerable to serious injury, or even death, in case of a crash.


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