Security's Security Model Under Scrutiny? DeFiLlama Co-Founder Raises Concerns – BSC News

In a recent post on X, 0xngmi pointed out potential weaknesses in Friend Tech’s security model.

Friend Tech, the trending decentralized social media app has come under scrutiny for its security model. 0xngmi, co-founder of DeFiLlama, recently shared a critical review, highlighting certain concerns in the platform. 

In a post on X, 0xngmi pointed out several potential weaknesses in Friend Tech’s security, including Frontend Vulnerability, Privy Iframe Risk, and data loss consequences.

“If Friend Tech’s frontend is hacked, they can steal funds just by directing an iframe to send the ETH,” he said. 

He stated that a hack similar to Balancer’s could lead to devastating consequences; and that users could potentially have their wallets drained simply by opening the app.

In a different post, 0xngmi cautioned that Friend Tech clones, including the original, store users’ keys in the frontend, making them vulnerable to potential key theft or fund loss with a frontend update.

Friend Tech, launched in beta on August 11, offers unique features such as tokenizing Twitter accounts through key trading and facilitating private messaging, while sharing transaction fees with account holders. However, these security concerns should prompt users to exercise caution when using the platform.


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