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Put That Coffee Down


  • Divided we ship
    • There is little doubt that the next few months will be busy for domestic transportation, but will increasing COVID cases and the looming changes of policy from the new president-elect have any impact? Anthony and Zach bring on Dr. Zac Rogers to discuss near- and long-term expectations.

Fuller Speed Ahead

  • Baton’s ‘elastic trucking’ aims to eliminate wasted hours
    • Baton co-founder Andrew Berberick explains how truckers can regain time and cover more freight through an elastic model of on-demand capacity.
  • Sageview Capital Partner Andrew Korn
    • Sageview Capital partner Andrew Korn sits down with Craig Fuller to talk about growth capital vs venture capital investments. They discuss longevity of growth investing, Sageview’s big bet with Drivewyze, and the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on investment strategies.
  • CEO Paris Cole and Bregal Sagemount Founding Partner Phil Yates
    • FreightWaves CEO and founder Craig Fuller hosted a “Fuller Speed Ahead” episode with CEO Paris Cole and Phil Yates of Bregal Sagemount. The virtual chat titled, “Growth Investments: A Successful Entry and Exit,” was part of FreightWaves’ FreightTech Venture Summit on Wednesday. It centered on the founding and growth of and what’s next for the 25-year-old company, the largest digital freight marketplace in North America.
  • Scudder Law Firm CEO Mark Scudder
    • Mark Scudder of Scudder Law talks about his firm’s role in taking companies public. Scudder mentions how the industry has changed since his father got started with Craig Fuller’s grandfather in the 1960s, and how SPAC’s will influence companies’ investment strategies in the future.

FreightWaves Insiders

  • Meet Pilot Company’s new CEO-to-be Shameek Konar
    • Shameek Konar is about to take an unprecedented step at Pilot Company as he assumes the role of CEO in January. Find out the challenges and triumphs of leading an energy, data and hospitality-obsessed company that is striving to put the driver first.

Drilling Deep

  • Analyzing the trucking earnings numbers from the third quarter
    • The earnings season for the third quarter has wrapped up and Todd Fowler, lead transportation analyst at KeyBanc on this week’s edition of Drilling Deep. What companies did things that were notable? And what did the earnings say about the future?
    • Also on Drilling Deep, host John Kingston talks about the rising diesel market, but in one area, it isn’t rising fast enough. That might sound odd to buyers of the fuel, but he’ll explain why there’s a mismatch.

On The Spot

FreightWaves LIVE

  • Revolution through digital transformation – #FWLive @ Home
    • J.B. Hunt has committed to a technology evolution, but that journey has taken time, investment, and the right mix of people and innovative thinking. President & CEO John Roberts III sat down with J.B. Hunt’s EVP & Chief Commercial Officer Shelley Simpson to talk about that transformation.
  • The advantages of working with sector based funds
    • The need for deep industry knowledge and a deeper network of contacts has become key to competing in the crowded logistics venture capital arena. Zach Barasz, director at G2VP, and Ty Findley, managing partner with Ironspring, discuss the advantages startup and later-stage companies find when working with sector-focused VC funds.
  • Creating value in freight tech – FreightTech Venture
    • The freight business is both complicated and asset-heavy. To be successful, both tech startups and their VC backers need to know the freight business, its pain points and its limitations. Prologis Ventures’ Will O’Donnell speaks with Assembly Ventures’ Jessica Robinson on how the right combination of entrepreneurs and investors can create the most value in FreightTech.
  • The changing landscape of venture capital – FreightTech Venture
    • Venture capitalists Kunal Mehta with Hearst Ventures and Earnest Sweat with GreatPoint Ventures share perspectives on the changing venture capital markets in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Mehta and Sweat, both with backgrounds in the supply chain sector, discuss their recent experience with startup founders in those markets as well as in healthcare and other verticals. They also provide an outlook on how venture funding will progress over the next year and within the decade.
  • A founder’s journey: Kathryn Schifferle and Work Truck Solutions – FreightTech Venture
    • FreightTech entrepreneur Kathryn Schifferle, the founder of Work Truck Solutions and Comvoy, shared with FreightWaves President George Abernathy her journey navigating the venture capital world during the virtual FreightTech Venture Summit.
  • New options for technology innovation – FreightTech Venture
    • George Abernathy, president of FreightWaves talks to Karen Jones, the executive vice president, chief marketing officer and head of new product Development at Ryder System on how funding logistics startups helps Ryder System gain tech insights.
  • A founder’s journey: Anshu Prasad and Leaf Logisitics – FreightTech Venture
    • Leaf Logistics CEO and co-founder Anshu Prasad talks with Kinetic Co-founder Ryan Schrieber about figuring out whether to go VC or “bootstrap” in an industry that is “serious” but with some tough issues to overcome.
  • A founder’s journey: Greg Price and Shipwell – FreightTech Venture
    • Shipwell has succeeded in securing three rounds of investment since its start in 2016. The millions of dollars have allowed the company to rapidly grow its business into an industry-recognized freight transportation management platform. However, as company CEO Greg Price said to Dynamo partner Ted Ailing, come to the venture capital table with your “A” game.
  • VC Perspective: How freight tech is different – FreightTech Venture
    • FreightWaves Chief Financial Officer Spencer Piland chats with Kevin Diestel, managing director of venture capital fund Sapphire Ventures, to discuss the many opportunities available for venture capitalists wanting to be involved in freight tech. The multi-trillion dollar freight sector is rich in revenue-generating opportunities for those wanting to support data-driven start-up companies, Diestel says.
  • A founder’s journey: Justin Bailie and Rose Rocket – FreightTech Venture
    • Justin Bailie, co-founder and chief strategy officer for Rose Rocket, shared the company’s journey from seedling to full-blown transportation management system provider with Brian Aoaeh, co-founder and general partner of REFASHIOND Ventures, during the FreightTech Venture Summit.
  • Impact of COVID-19 on venture capital attitudes – FreightTech Venture
    • Ben Weinberg, the Managing Director at Susquehanna Growth Equity discusses with the Managing Director at DC Advisory US, David Dolan how the COVID-19 pandemic will accelerate a decade-long trend of supply chain efficiency advancements that have already drawn large sums of venture capital and private equity into the segment.
  • A founder’s journey: Alden Woodrow and Ike – FreightTech Venture
    • Ike Co-founder and CEO Alden Woodrow talks to Fitzmark Great Plains Region President Charley Dehoney about the company’s unconventional approach to securing funding and bringing its product to market.
  • Venture capital investment in startups – FreightTech Venture
    • As co-founder of AOL and now CEO and Chairman of Revolution LLC, Steve Case knows a few things about building successful startups. He believes there are great business ideas and innovative founders in all corners of the country, and is on the hunt to find them, in this Keynote chat with FreightWaves Founder and CEO Craig Fuller.
  • FreightWaves Insiders EP35 Meet Pilot Company’s new CEO to-be Shameek Konar
    • Shameek Konar is about to take an unprecedented step at Pilot Company as he assumes the role of CEO in January.

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