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January 27, 2020

At the beginning of the year, there’s always a lot of talk about what the future holds. We’ve done our fair share of prognosticating here in the Jungle. In fact, don’t miss part 2 of our series where we ask industry leaders to tell us what they think will happen next (top link below). IBM is starting off 2020 with lots of attention in the news, which we are going to take as a positive because it’s when they stop talking about you that you should start to get worried. So take a look at the latest headlines on IBM, and continue on for our roundup of resources and events from around the community.

Top Stories From Outside The Jungle

(IT Jungle) Part two of IT Jungle co-editor Alex Woodie’s look into the future with predictions from industry leaders.

(MarketWatch) The future for IBM is murky as analysts debate how Red Hat and the cloud could be the key to the brightest possible path ahead.

(WRAL TechWire) The fight for quantum supremacy is getting fierce, with JP Morgan Chase nabbing some IBM talent.

(Barron’s) IBM stock makes a big jump but is it really good news?

(TechRepublic) IBM is adding AI to the red carpet at the 2020 Grammy awards.

Redbooks, White Papers, Blogs, and Other Resources

(GitHub) IBM Champion Liam Allan created and shared his db2Model on GitHub. It can be used to generate models for Db2 for IBM i tables in Node.js automatically.

(HelpSystems) The results of the sixth IBM i Marketplace Survey have been sliced and diced and discussed by our own Tim Prickett Morgan, who participated in a webinar with HelpSystems executive vice president of technical solutions Tom Huntington, IBM i product offering manager Alison Butterill, IBM Lab Services division executive Ian Jarman, and, worldwide IBM i product marketing manager Brandon Pederson. You can get a copy of the survey report and also listen to a replay of the webcast at this link.

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(Fresche Solutions) How are you leveraging your systems and innovating for the future? Fresche’s 2020 IBM i in Business Survey will provide critical understanding into the role that IT plays in business. Participants will receive a report and invitation for a live session about the results.

(IntelliChief) Read this blog to learn the five must haves for AP automation.

(IBM) Who doesn’t like a good narrative about our favorite platform? This page shares IBM i customer stories.

(Manta Technologies) Manta’s annual year-end sale ends January 31. Get 30 percent off the complete library of courses for programmers, operators, system administrators, and users of the IBM i operating system. All courses are web based and run in all popular browsers.

Chats, Webinars, Seminars, Shows, and Other Happenings

February 19 – Webinar – Get a first look at NGS’s new online analytical processing (OLAP) application for IBM i users during this webinar. Qport SmartView offers analytical and graphical visualization features to IBM i users. Learn how you can see real-time operational data without offloading it to another server or maintaining massive Excel pivot tables.

March 23-24 – Dallas, Texas – The CIO Summit is a complimentary event for IT executives, hosted by IBM i Champion Alan Seiden. Participants exchange tips and brainstorm ideas for addressing common challenges faced by IBM i CIOs and IT Directors, such as managing new technology, hiring the right skills, and keeping IT aligned with business. Special guest Heidi Schmidt, leader in IT generational change and knowledge transfer, will join in to share her experience in creating more efficient, innovative IBM i development teams.

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March 24-26 – Dallas, Texas – The RPG & DB2 Summit heads to Dallas with new sessions, new workshops, new ideas, and new tools. Paul Tuohy, Susan Gantner and Jon Paris lead a team of 13 top experts teaching the critical skills you need to excel with modern IBM i development. SQL, RPG, Db2, ILE, open source, ACS, RDi, data analytics, web services, web and mobile apps — it’s all packed into a highly-concentrated three-day learning experience.

April 6-8 – Framingham, Massachusetts – Join the Northeast User Group (NEUGC) Conference where attendees will be saying cheers to 30 years. NEUGC is the largest technical conference in New England for IBM i.

April 19-22 – Atlanta, Georgia – POWERUp 2020 will offer between 350-400 sessions presented by more than 100 IT professionals, and features the largest exposition of its kind. This conference structured to give you the pure education and professional connections needed to best enhance your career.

May 20-21 – Nashville, Tennessee – php[tek] is the longest-running web developer conference in the United States that has a focus on the PHP programming language. The event is broken up into multiple days. The main conference happens over the course of two days (May 20-21) and includes keynotes, talks, and networking options. It will be broken into three tracks on Tech Leadership, PHP Development, and Web Technologies. There is an optional Workshop day that precedes the conference that lets attendees take two separate in-depth half-day workshops. We also offer full-day training classes preceding the conference on May 18 on deep technical topics for independent purchase.

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