Fortnite season 8: New footsteps feature among host of updates to game

Fortnite Season 8 is finally here, bringing with it a whole range of new weapons, skins and challenges to the world’s most popular video game.

Patch notes for the latest edition of Fortnite revealed new areas of the game, with the biggest addition being a giant lava-spewing volcano in the top right corner of the map. 

While the lava will cause “1 damage per touch”, more sedate areas of have also been introduced for players to enjoy, including the nearby Sunny Steps and Lazy Lagoon.

“New Season, new Battle Pass. 100 levels, over 100 new rewards,” Epic Games announced in the new season’s patch notes.

“Explore new points of interest that emerged with the Volcano, such as Sunny Steps and Lazy Lagoon.”

One of the most intriguing new aspects to the game is the addition of a new weapon called the Pirate Cannon.

“Damage enemy locations or structures by launching a cannonball or become a special delivery by launching yourself,” the notes state.

The cannons can be found scattered around the game and will deal 100 Damage to opponents with a direct hit. Any enemies within a small radius of the target will receive 50 Damage.

An update to the game’s audio means that players can now hear the footsteps of other players when they are creeping around inside a building.

Other aspects of in-game communication have also been improved with the inclusion of a party assist function. 

This allows squad mates to help each other complete challenges by contributing towards progress. An in-game world markers system means Fortnite players can also mark items for other players with just a click or touch of a button.

Since launching in 2017, Fortnite has exploded in popularity, with more than 80 million players worldwide. In recent wekks, however, its dominance has been challenged by another battle royale game, Apex Legends

Fortnite developers Epic Games will be hoping the latest update will be enough to retain its position as the world’s most popular game.


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