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In a lengthy Facebook post Friday, the former commissioner over Alaska State Troopers and Alaska Wildlife Troopers offered an unfiltered response to her sudden departure from the state position.

On Friday, Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s office sent out a short release, stating Amanda Price had resigned from her post. The simple, three-sentence release read, “Governor Mike Dunleavy has accepted the resignation of Amanda Price as commissioner of the Alaska Department of Public Safety. The Governor wishes to thank Price for moving the department forward during her tenure. Governor Dunleavy has appointed long time former DPS employee Kelly Howell to temporarily serve on special assignment as the head of the department until a new commissioner is appointed in the near future.”

No official explanation was given for the resignation. Price took a bold stance on her Facebook page, writing that, “As a person that helped get this governor elected, I (like many Alaskans) am more than disappointed in him.”

Price went on to say in her post that Dunleavy’s Chief of Staff, Ben Stevens, made the request on behalf of Dunleavy that she step down.

Price told the Anchorage Daily News on Friday, “It was put to me as I will either be removed or I can submit my resignation.”

On her Facebook page, she said she believes she was removed for two reasons. The first is that she “loudly advocated to improve 911 dispatch services to rural communities in spite of the Governor’s reluctance to do so.” She went on to write that the plan would save the state $700,000 annually yet, “the governor elected to instead require the DPS to continue issuing multi million dollar contracts to the Mat Su and the Kenai Peninsula Boroughs — actions which will cost the state more money (documented fact — this is not opinion) for the same level of service, foregoing the improvement to rural Alaska public safety. I opposed this vehemently.”

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The second reason she offered for her untimely resignation was in response to a personnel decision, one she said she was limited in discussing. “On its face this personnel decision is a decision well within my statutory authority (Alaska Statute 44.17.40). However there are some mitigating factors that made my removal of this individual untenable to the Governor. There is much documentation on each of these incidents,” she wrote.

She ended her lengthy post by saying she was proud of what the department has achieved and was humbled to work with the division.

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