‘…Following All Covid Precautions’

Well, of course, ‘representatives of all political parties’ who met Election Commission (EC) officials will want elections to be ‘conducted on time following all Covid-19 protocols’.

What chief election commissioner Sushil Chandra essentially confirmed on Thursday was that come hail or shine, pralaya or a giant asteroid strike, politicians and everyone with a stake in elections, electioneering and its many ‘intricate’ functionings will not let Omicron or

come in the way of their round-the-year operations: elections.
Yes, their livelihoods depend on it. ‘Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater’ is one of our favourite expressions. But going by past experience and current behaviour in political rallies, the baby’s bath better wait. The caveat of ‘following all Covid protocols’ while holding polls as scheduled sounds comic even while being scary. And, here, we also look askew at the venerable electorate. Far too many people are treating a possible third wave as a First World fad. With such a double mandate — from all political parties and many to-be voters — all we can hope for is that the proverbial baby survives the bathwater that it will soon be dunked in. If nothing else, the international media can cover how wonderfully dedicated India is to democracy, even at the cost of being plague-ridden yet again.


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