Follow the setting sun from a car

Watching the sun set through a moving car window holds a special pleasure that is part- beautiful, part-ecstatic. As the sun begins its descend, more steep and swift in the approaching winter sky, the moving car seems to be moving at its pace and trajectory. Part-chase, part-setting pace with the sun, you, the car and the sun become a running team along the sky-road.

Seated comfortably, the wind through the rolled-down windows provides you the soundtrack to the motion picture unfolding alongside. The windshield, too, acts as a cinematic screen, framing the ever-changing hues of the sky. Who will win the race, you wonder – the sun or the car?

The moving sky and the road turn and twist through multiple hues. The sun dips as you in the car hope somehow that the weak, bright disc lingers longer. As the car makes turns, you take care to not lose sight of The Great Orange.

And then, suddenly, you see the ‘competition’ is no longer there. Just remnants of red, purple and orange remain in the sky. While the car and you, bereft of running partner, are left to wrap up the dark and head home.


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