Five Top Marketing Techniques That Work In 2019

Operating a business in the hectic online marketplace presents plenty of challenges. But there are a few simple promotional tactics that you can easily employ to make your target market take notice. Here we’ll take a look at five marketing strategies used by leading brands that have a proven track record of success.

Five Top Marketing Techniques That Work In 2019

Give Something A Little Extra

We’ve seen plenty of businesses succeeding thanks to their exclusive deals. And many new customers receive more than they initially anticipated. This tactic is a widespread occurrence in the online gambling industry, where we see a lot of promotions. Many online betting sites, have already adopted this option and are offering generous welcome bonuses. To show as an example, you can check out this site for any info you need about an 888Sport promo code. This welcome bonus automatically doubles the customer’s first deposit on the betting site so that a new customer can have much more fun.

Such tactics not only help attract new customers to your venture, but they encourage them to spend more time and money on your business than they may have originally anticipated. When using these kinds of deals, make sure that the customer fully understands all of the terms and conditions. Otherwise, they could backfire with negative results.

Get Personal

Most consumers are tired of the blanket message that is communicated through adverts over mass media. Keeping this in mind, it’s always a great idea to try and get a little more personal with your communication strategies. Online platforms like Facebook allow you to pinpoint specific demographics, and there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that a more personal touch works wonders too.

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Just take the recent campaign by Coca Cola that saw their soft drink cans decorated with people’s first names. Not only did this stimulate a tremendous amount of press coverage, but it also encouraged customers to search for a Coke actively with their name on.

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Controversial

We’re all aware of the fact that many marketing campaigns can be bland and uninspiring. But the arrival of social media can give your company an excellent opportunity to spice things up by reacting to current events in real-time.

Take the recent Burger King advert that subtly suggested that customers buy their milkshakes to take down far-right extremists. Although this caused problems for the fast-food chain down the line, it did the all-important trick of generating column inches. While this is a tactic that should always get handled very carefully, it could end upbringing in many loyal customers.

Show An Awareness Of Current Public Concerns

In an age of rampant consumerism, it’s always nice to see a promotional campaign that suggests that less is more. Many brands have successfully employed pro-environmental themes in their marketing, and such a tactic can be very beneficial amongst a younger demographic.

Companies like Starbucks have long employed a green marketing campaign to grow their brand. Not only did they make sure that their products were eco-friendly, but they also made positive moves to commemorate special events like Earth Day. Because of this, Starbucks started giving free coffee to any customer who brought in a recyclable mug. We can expect environmental affairs and messages relating to energy news to play a more significant part in future campaigns from many major brands.

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Keep It A Limited Edition

Nothing works like a close to be sold out. This strategy can significantly stimulate your audience to buy more of your product. The UK fast-food chain Greggs cleverly used this tactic, when they announced the new vegan sausage roll.

This provoked plenty of controversies, but such was the public interest that the company quickly started selling out of the product. Once again, a simple idea had become an important talking point, and the brand benefited greatly from the sudden unrestricted interest.


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