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Five announcements by the Sunak government that will affect you if you're planning to move to the UK

The Sunak government on Monday announced a slew of measures to cut new migration into the United Kingdom. The measures, though expected, will affect many foreigners, students and workers alike, who have been planning to make the move.

Sunak is under immense pressure from fellow Conservative MPs to devise a comprehensive plan to combat the surging immigration numbers. This urgency follows recent revelations by the Office for National Statistics, indicating that an estimated 672,000 more individuals moved to the UK than departed in the year ending June.

Here are the five major announcements that were made:

1. Salary Threshold Increase: The government has raised the minimum salary threshold for skilled worker visas. Skilled foreign workers seeking a UK visa must now earn £38,700, a significant increase from the previous £26,200.

2. Family Visa Restrictions: Restrictions have been imposed on family visas, with health and social care workers, exempted due to staff shortages, facing limitations. Even those eligible will be barred from bringing family dependents, reflecting a more stringent approach to family reunification.

3. International Student Regulations: The government has announced restrictions on international students bringing dependents, signaling a shift in policies related to student visas. These changes contribute to the broader strategy of reducing overall net migration.

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4. Healthcare Surcharge Increase: A 66% increase in the surcharge for migrants accessing the National Health Service (NHS) has been confirmed. This surcharge now stands at £1,035, a move that has faced criticism for potentially imposing a double financial burden on migrant workers, in addition to existing National Insurance charges for healthcare.5. Shortage Occupation List Overhaul: The government plans to overhaul the “shortage occupation list,” addressing roles where British workers are insufficient. This strategic move aims to align with the Conservative Party’s pledge to control borders post-Brexit and tackle challenges posed by labor shortages in certain sectors.


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