First drive: Opel Manta GSe ElektroMOD review

The four-speed manual is odd, though. It’s almost like a pre-selector gearbox in that you select a gear, let the clutch out and nothing actually happens until you hit the accelerator. Changing gear does have an effect on power delivery, and it’s certainly quieter when you’re cruising in fourth, but ultimately you can leave it in third most of the time and treat it like a single-speed automatic. Still, it’s more engagingly tactile than the leave-it-in-D, single-speed drive commonly used in electric cars.

For now, this is all a bit of fun but Opel is quietly having background discussions with suppliers about making a very limited run of electrified Manta GSe models, so fervent has been the response to this show car.

Would that whet the public appetite for the all-new 2025 Manta that much more? Or would it make us all disappointed that the new Manta won’t be a gorgeous, slim-pillared ’70s throwback coupé like this? Either way, we hope it happens.

Opel Manta GSe ElektroMOD technical specifications

Price Not for sale Motor front-mounted synchronous Power 145bhp at 4,290-7,200rpm  Torque 188lb ft at 400-3,800rpm Transmission four-speed manual Battery 31kWh air cooled, lithium-ion Kerb weight 1,137kg (estimated) 0-62mph 8.9secs (estimated) Top speed 93mph (limited) Efficiency 4.0-miles/kWh Range 124-miles (estimated) Rivals Effectively none. Maybe someone’s working on a Ford Capri with a battery conversion?


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