Finance professional turns ‘eye for fashion’ into side business

Mosope Ogunjobi shared her journey to side hustle success with being in the finance industry for over a decade, and holding a post-graduate degree in LLM Corporate Governance and Law, Ms Ogunjobi took to personal shopping and styling as a side business five years ago.

Now her luxury brand, Style Necessity, has garnered over a million Instagram followers and is still growing.

Personal shopping and styling requires a keen fashion sense to create a wardrobe or outfit that perfectly fits both the physical appearance and personal taste of the client.

Despite not having any prior experience or qualifications in fashion, Ms Ogunjobi used her natural talents to start a side business and become an Instagram influencer.

“I decided to pursue fashion five years ago as I kept being asked by members of the public on my way to work, where I bought my outfits/pieces I was wearing,” she explains.

“At the same time, a few friends had also mentioned that I had an eye for fashion and I was advised to take fashion more seriously and create a business out of it.”

Ms Ogunjobi began her side business as a personal shopper for members of the public and stylist for influencers.

“I had a number of exciting opportunities and clients from personal shopping however working with influencers opened my eyes to having a digital family and the importance/opportunities that came with that.”

But no business venture comes without its share of obstacles, as Ms Ogunjobi explained:


“There were a few people who were unsure I could run a fashion business.

“Someone actually refused to print out flyers for me to hand out, and I was told it would not be successful.”

Alongside this, her speciality and background is in finance.

“Keeping focused whilst figuring it all out, as I tried to break into an industry I was not from and did not study at university,” she added.

Ms Ogunjobi was able to avoid this and combine her finance work with her fashion business.

To a certain extent it has influenced my side hustle, as I work with Executives (including CEOs) and at that level of any organisation, senior members are very well dressed.

The lockdown really helped with balancing both as I used a lot of my commute time after work to focus on creating content and strategising on future content,” she continued.

Ms Ogunjobi aims to grow her brand and get more recognition in the luxury industries and encourages others to keep pushing towards their own side business goals.



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