Finance Experts Are Strongly Encouraging Consumers To Save As Much As They Can This Holiday Season — Here's Why

© Reuters. Finance Experts Are Strongly Encouraging Consumers To Save As Much As They Can This Holiday Season — Here’s Why

Benzinga – by Bibhu Pattnaik, Benzinga Staff Writer.

With the festive season on the horizon, consumers are grappling with the dual realities of persistently high prices and the allure of increased savings.

What Happened: The recent uptick in inflation has not eased the cost of goods significantly, while the Federal Reserve’s decision to hike interest rates to a level unseen in two decades has made saving more appealing than ever.

Every dollar spent today could potentially miss out on returns as high as 5% from savings avenues like savings accounts, certificates of deposit and bonds.

Moreover, the elevated interest rates have made borrowing more expensive, with credit card rates sometimes nearing 30%.

According to The Wall Street Journal’s report, given all of this and the fact that consumer spending is expected to rise during the holidays, experts in finance and behavioral economics are strongly encouraging the public to save while they can.

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Financial experts suggest a comprehensive review of past holiday expenditures and planning for the entire range of holiday expenses in one go to combat overspending. According to The Wall Street Journal, Matt Fizell from Harmony Wealth advises a detailed analysis of bank and credit card statements to identify and cut unnecessary costs.

Open communication about spending limits with friends and family is another effective strategy. Lauren Mathews Fairey, a financial educator at WealthWave, emphasized to the publication the importance of these discussions.

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