FFVII Rebirth collector's edition Samsung SSD is just a fancy box – PCGamesN

The collector’s edition market used to be exciting until it became oversaturated and died a slow and painful death. Now, it’s hard to even get a physical release for some games, while hardware editions seem to have been reduced to statement pieces alone (I’m looking at you, Razer Blade Lamborghini edition), and the FFVII Rebirth Samsung SSD is a pitiful effort at best.

While the  Samsung 990 Pro is arguably one of the best gaming SSD options, nearly maxing out the bandwidth of the 4x PCIe 4 bus, and being compatible with both PC and PS5, there’s no excuse for the lack of effort in this collaboration. Rather than offering any kind of on-product branding to help it stand out from any other 2TB 990 Pro, instead, your SSD will simply arrive in an FFVII Rebirth branded cube.

FFVII Samsung SSD packaging

Worse still, based on the pre-release promo images, it appears that the drive will still be packed in its normal Samsung dressing too, just inside the FFVII cube.

We don’t want to make assumptions about what is and isn’t possible with this collaboration, but the lack of any on-product branding seems like a big oversight. We’ve seen elaborate limited edition SSDs before, such as the Seagate Firecuda 520 Cyberpunk 2077 edition. In comparison, this Samsung 990 Pro seems like a no-effort attempt to capitalize on the hype and popularity surrounding a game release.

The Samsung 990 Pro 2TB already has an MSRP of $239.99, and while having the additional storage on either PC or PS5 is great, we also have to ask if this special packaging will bump up the price further.

The FFVII Rebirth Samsung SSD is due for release in March with no specific date, price, or availability details given yet.

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