FBI: ‘Inconvenient Crook’ wanted in up to 9 robberies – Boston 25 News

DEDHAM, Mass. – The FBI says a masked man has had a very busy summer terrorizing convenience stores in the greater Boston area over and over again. 

In each case, the man is totally covered, and he’s carrying a gun.

On Aug. 19, just before closing, the robber hit Terry’s Market in Dedham. And everything that happened inside the store was recorded on video.

As it turns out, hidden microphones recorded  the entire robbery, which the FBI says is important evidence that could help them identify the man. 

As high definition security cameras show the robber grabbing cash from the registers, microphones captured the robber’s voice.

“We hear his voice, and we hope someone from the public is going to hear that voice and give us a call,” FBI Special Agent Christian Fierabend told Boston 25 News in an interview. “Just having the gun shows he is very dangerous.” 

Keyur Pateo was in the backroom of Terry’s Market when it was hit. He is the son of the clerk who was robbed.

“He made him lie down on the ground right behind the cooler over there,” Pateo said. 

The armed robbery still haunts his entire family.

“He’s still in shock, and we are so scared right now,” Pateo said.

If you recognize the voice on the surveillance video, or the man in the video, you are asked to call the FBI.

In this case, nine robberies may be related to another that has a $10,000 reward.

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