'Fastest adoption of electric vehicles expected in 2-wheelers, 3-wheeler sectors'

The fastest adoption of electric vehicles is expected to be in two-wheeler and three-wheeler sectors, and it is expected that up to 4 million of such vehicles could be sold each year by 2025, growing to almost 10 million by 2030, an official statement said on Wednesday. The Office of Principal Scientific Advisor also said any charging solution to serve this sector must be highly scalable, easily accessible by the public, should support interoperability, and be affordable.

Most systems developed across the globe address higher levels of power and are very expensive for wide-spread deployment, it said.

“Several Indian manufacturers are already on board to make this Charge Point Device, as per Indian Standards, with target prices starting as low as Rs. 3500,” it said.

“The LAC (Low-Cost AC Chargepoint) device is intended to be highly scalable and deployed in any place where a 220V 15A single phase line is available – mainly targeting parking lots of metro and railway stations, shopping malls, hospitals, office complexes, apartments and even kirana and other shops,” it said.


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