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Phoenix — Danny Duffy wears his sporting loyalty just above or below his sleeves.

Originally from Lompoc, Duffy grew up as a big fan of the Lakers and Dodgers and is still there. He has “VIII” and “XXIV” tattoos on his right forearm — his jersey number with Kobe Bryant’s Lakers. And he has baseball signed by the Hall of Fame manager and Dodgers icon Tommy Lasorda, who got his pre-draft training in 2007.

Lasorda signed it the “Future Dodgers”. That prophecy came true this week when the Dodgers bought Duffy from Kansas City Royals in an early transaction.

“I went to Dodger Stadium three or four times a year when I was little,” Duffy said on Sunday, adding that he was a big fan of Mike Piazza.

“Oh, I screamed when he and (Todd) Zeile were traded. I think they were Bobby Bonilla, Gary Sheffield, Manny Corpas, Jim Eisenreich. It was hard when I was a kid. So it was able to draw a picture of how I felt about the Dodgers growing up and now being able to go around it completely and come play for them … it’s crazy Man. I am very grateful for this opportunity. ”

Nine-year-old Duffy will definitely fix him with his recall of the Square Trade. It was Manny Barrios, not Manny Corpas, and he forgot to mention Charles Johnson.

Returning to play for his home team is “great,” Duffy said. The question is how long will he actually be able to market to the Dodgers? Duffy is currently on the injured list for the second time this season due to flexor tension in his pitching arm. He hasn’t pitched since July 16th after missing five weeks with the same injury earlier this year.

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“I feel like I’ve moved a bit last week,” he said. “I was told everywhere from late August to early September, depending on the role I don’t know so far. I’ll do what I’m told and listen to the medical staff and everyone at the clubhouse. ..

“Hopefully (I’ll pitch) early September. That sounds like what the overall answer I got was.”

Flexor tension is often associated with elbow problems, and Tommy John’s surgery is the ultimate result for some pitchers. Duffy knew it, but said he was confident that the ulnar collateral ligament was intact.

“My ligaments are completely intact,” he said. “Everything is fine because I’ve been told by multiple people. It’s just a little grumpy on my flexors. But it’s getting better and better every day when I wake up. So it definitely got there. ”

Duffy was a starter primarily throughout his career. But the Dodgers see him as a potential multi-inning weapon from the bullpen, in stretch and playoffs, as well as the role Julio Urias played for them last October.

“I’m going to do whatever they want from me, be physically perfectly right, and do whatever I need,” Duffy said. “I feel that any role can help.”

Not 2B or 2B

Mookie Betts was activated from the disabled list on Sunday and returned to his usual location at the top of the Dodgers lineup, but not his regular location on the field. Betts made his second start on second base since the 2014 rookie season.

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said it was a game primarily based on Chase Field’s artificial turf.

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“I’m spending the day here on turf. Obviously, when dealing with hip pointers, turf doesn’t help,” Roberts said.

“I don’t think it’s a problem to swing the bat. It’s okay to run the base. For us it was the ground he had to cover in the grass outfield. From now on he’s obviously me But in this one game, you don’t have to worry too much about whether he’s in the dirt and taking a turn at bat. ”

Car show catch

The injured left-handed Clayton Kershaw did not throw the simulation game on Sunday as originally planned. Kershaw was experiencing “residual pain” and instead caught it.

Fan for life Danny Duffy calls joining Dodgers ‘awesome’ – Press Enterprise Source link Fan for life Danny Duffy calls joining Dodgers ‘awesome’ – Press Enterprise

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