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Facebook tests simpler look for Facebook pages&nbsp

Mumbai: Facebook is testing a new design for Facebook Pages. We might see a cleaner looking Facebook page with less clutter. The like counter might get demoted to be one of the ‘more’ options given lesser importance as opposed to being one of the most identifiable elements of the social platforms. At the moment, the testing for these features is available for a small percentage of the mobile app users.

The users selected for the new preview include actors, media houses and pages for bands but Facebook has not shared the algorithm or reason why some celebrity pages were selected while others weren’t. It seems to be totally at random at the moment. If you are selected for the testing phase, you will get a notification on your page to opt for the new experience while using the mobile app while handling the page.

The test is based on making pages less complex and appeal to a wider audience. The proposed change comes as a result of changing trends of use during work from home and self-isolation. The new layout aims to make key information more visible with less clutter on the page to distract you. Removing page likes and the like button will be absent from the home page if this beta-test gets the green signal

The likes will be replaced by follows which will show the true reach of a page. This will bring much-needed transparency to the true reach of a page apart from the ‘Likes’ that are given based on personal relationships with negligible engagement with the shared posts. Facebook wants a more transparent view of a page views with this new look. Many people ‘like’ a page but unfollow the feed because they were asked to like a page by a friend but later unfollow it on their news feed

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The number of follows will be the true parameter to judge how well a page’s content is being received by users. Page owners will be able to quickly switch between admin and person roles to connect with their audience. Page management will also be overhauled to cut the clutter and make most used options easily accessible.

Analytics for page managers will also get a simpler user interface to navigate how well your posts are doing. Insights will now be visible directly from a post to individually judge it’s performance. Notifications will be grouped for similar data like mentions and reactions to lessen the notifications sent by Facebook.

Facebook is yet to announce when they plan to roll out the update and remains a test for now. Are you curious to try a simpler user interface on Facebook? Tell us in the comments below!




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