Facebook Sees Its Composite Rating Rise To 96 – Investor's Business Daily

The IBD SmartSelect Composite Rating for Facebook (FB) rose from 94 to 96 Wednesday.


The new rating is a sign the stock is outpacing 96% of all stocks when it comes to the most important stock-picking criteria. The market’s biggest winners often have a 95 or higher rating in the early stages of a new price run, so that’s a good item to have on your checklist when looking for the best stocks to buy and watch.

Facebook is trading within the buy zone from a 304.77 entry from a consolidation.

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The stock earns a 93 EPS Rating, which means its recent quarterly and longer-term annual earnings growth is outpacing 93% of all stocks.

Its Accumulation/Distribution Rating of A- shows heavy buying by institutional investors over the last 13 weeks.

The company posted a 52% rise in earnings for Q4. Sales growth increased 33%, up from 22% in the prior quarter. That marks two quarters of rising growth.

Facebook holds the No. 3 rank among its peers in the Internet-Content industry group. Pinterest (PINS) is the top-ranked stock within the group.

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